Do you live in a home with equisite architectural details? Do you have small children? Do you have pets?  Do you have a swimming pool or trampoline?  Do you own a home business?

Did you recently install a lot of upgrades or an addition to improve the value of your home?

Do you have enough liability coverage for when someone trips and falls on your property? If your house burned to the ground tomorrow, can you say with confidence that everything is “covered”? Your home is typically the single most expensive investment you will make in your lifetime; don’t underinsure the roof over your own head that you work so hard to put there!

Does your deductible meet your family’s current needs?

If you live in a condo or homeowners association, insurance can get complicated, and while you don’t want to pay for something already covered on the master insurance policy where you reside, you don’t want any “surprises” your policy wasn’t properly dovetailed to cover your association deductible, amongst other things!

If you don’t live in an association, you will still want to have the proper deductible to ensure you have the emergency funds to cover whatever deductible you have chosen, be it a mere $500, or a much larger deductible such as $5,000 or greater.

Are you getting all your discounts from your current homeowners policy?

Which carrier suits your home insurance needs in the best way possible? Let us help you discover the best policy “fit” for your unique situation!

Keep in mind Flood is NOT a covered peril on your home, condo, or rental policy, so please visit our “Flood Insurance” page for details on flood coverage, and call or email us today for a flood quote on your property!