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In an effort to continue providing superior service to our clients, we are using a state of the art insurance certificate delivery system that provides certificates on-demand.  Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting a request for a Certificate of Insurance:


If you are a Lender or Loan Processor:      

To redeem a Certificate of Insurance, please click on the button below and you will be taken to the iCerts homepage.  If you are a first time user you will need to register – by clicking on the “Register” button and completing the information.  If you are already registered simply click on “Login”.

All orders based upon real estate transactions (purchase, refinance, 2nd, reverse mortgage, etc.) must be placed by the lender and/or their representatives (See iCerts user agreement listed on the login page).  For this purpose, please do not request the condominium owner place these orders on your behalf.   There is a $30 certificate transaction fee charged by iCerts for each certificate ordered when a transaction occurs that the lender is responsible for.


If you are a Condominium Unit Owner:

  • For Immediate Rush Requests and all Requests that pertain to a Real Estate Transaction (Purchase, Refinance, Line of Credit, etc.), direct your Lender to www.icerts.com as outlined above.  This speeds up the transaction process by enabling the banks to instantaneously get their required Certificate with their information added exactly how they want it listed.*
  • For Non Immediate Requests and Proof of Coverage at Renewal: click below to request a Certificate of Insurance directly from Smith Insurance.  This will take 3-5 business days to process and is free of charge.



*Please note that the iCerts website will enable Lenders and Loan Processors to modify the Certificate of Insurance to meet their exact underwriting needs.  An iCerts transaction fee of $30 will apply and will be invoiced by iCerts to the Lender.  We recommend asking your lender if the $30 fee charged by iCerts can be deducted from the blanket “underwriting fee” banks and lenders typically charge in closing costs to cover the expense of obtaining underwriting documents.

Condominium Unit Owners also have the option to register at iCerts.com as a homeowner. This option can be beneficial for requesting updated Certificates of Insurance at the annual policy renewal for existing loans.   If you receive a letter from your lending institution for an updated annual renewal certificate that doesn’t involve a transaction, please forward a copy of that letter to certificates@smithinsurance.com and one certificate per policy year will be issued to the homeowner free of charge.


Third Party Property Managers: 

You will receive a free copy of the Certificate of Insurance without a mortgagee clause listed at policy renewal.  If a unit owner needs the information added to the certificate of insurance for the Association, please direct them to the steps above.  Please  email: certificates@smithinsurance.com iif you need a copy of the Certificate of Insurance or have any questions regarding a Certificate of Insurance.

Why are we using iCerts for certificate of insurance requests?

  • The system is automated so you can produce certificates on demand 24/7/365
  • Certificates are processed instantaneously – no 3-5 day turnaround time!
  • Certificates can be tailored to meet the exact underwriting needs of lending institutions and can be modified on demand and without agency assistance.  This drastically improves the speed of the loan closing process.
  • Condominium unit owners have the ability to establish a login and password on iCerts and obtain Certificates of Insurance on an annual basis.

Our agency will continue monitoring the progress of this program intended to streamline and automate this process for the benefit of all parties.  Should you have any questions or problems regarding the program, please contact iCerts directly at certificates@smithinsurance.com. Or to discuss this policy or our services in greater detail, please contact Smith Insurance at (215) 542-5959.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions and thank you for the opportunity to be of service.


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