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"Every 12 minutes, one person dies because of a car accident; every 14 seconds a car accident results in an injured victim.  Over 40% of accidents occur as a result of a drunken driver."*

Do you have more than just your State's mininum limits on your auto policy?  The price you pay isn't the only factor to consider when purchasing auto insurance; people drive irresponsibility every day and you never know when you will be in an accident next, so be sure you are covered!

Do you have the right collision and comprehensive deductibles for your needs?

Are you getting all the discounts you should for your safe driving, kids away at college, educational driving courses, etc.?

Did you purchase a brand new car?  What if you experience an accident the minute you drive off the lot?

Do you understand and do you have Stacked and Unstacked coverages, and Full and Limited Tort on your policy?

Do you have coverage for Uninsured motorists when you're hit by someone with no insurance?

Do you have coverage for UNDERinsured motorists when you're hit by someone with inadequate insurance?

Did you know you can also get coverages for: towing, rental cards you need when you have had an accident and your car is immobilized, funeral benefits, accidental death, work loss benefits, and extraordinary medical expenses?

Call us today to help you determine if you have enough coverage for you and your loved ones who ride in your vehicles!



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Now available, a free smartphone app from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners – Wreck Check.  Any accident is going to be a stressful time.  At that stressful time are you going to remember all the recommended steps and actions?  Let technology be your guide. Click here for a video overview of this valuable app.  To download the app just click on the QR code.

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And remember, we are here to help you through the claims process.